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Canar is a young and dynamic provider of communications services established in April 2005 in the name of Canar Telecommunication Co. Ltd. Canar uses cutting edge technologies such as Next Generation Network (NGN) and Wireless Loop (WLL), our products and services include voice, data, internet and multi media services. Canar is in the forefront of operators being one of the few to deploy NGN as the base of the network and is one of the first to do so in Africa. Canar is a telecommunication company that provides you with hi-end telecom technology with a friendly touch at affordable prices. We are committed to the Sudanese people by helping them communicate better, more often at low cost and their businesses to grow and prosper. Canar has set out to make out of Sudan a strategic hub in Africa and the Region that links major African countries with renowned global submarine cables networks such as Flag, Falcon, EASSY and others. Owned by the region’s biggest telecom brand Etisalat, Canar is drawing on its mother company’s technology and expertise to offer the very best state-of-the-art telecom services in the entire African continent.

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