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Melchor Gabilondo SA manufactures automotive and industrial products. The Company produces bottle, trolley, air hydraulic garage, and transmission jacks as well as other items for the automotive industry. Melchor also produces hydraulic cylinders, pumps, tools, and other accessories for the industrial industry. Melchor manufactures these items in Vizcaya, Spain. We have come a long way, but after more than fifty years our course is still marked by the desire to achieve quality and innovation so that we can live up to our permanent commitment to improvement. We maintain our innovative spirit, high standards of quality and strict checks of material and processes. We are making our tools more powerful, safer, more operative and longer lasting, thus placing all our experience in your hands. A strict selection of raw materials and the perfect adaptation of our designs to the manufacturing processes ensure the highest quality standards. The combination of the most advanced laser cutting technology, the most resistant steels and our new assembly- based construction system enable us to present this comprehensive range of hydraulic jacks, manufactured with a most attractive design, modern, robust and functional able to satisfy the most varied and demanding requirements of the most exacting user.
We, FOCUS ENGINEERING, are the dependable agent for MEGA in Sudan. Below is a list of our products available to you, contact us for more information.

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Product Name
0 Jack Exhibitors and repair kits
0 Pipe Benders
0 Toe Jack
0 Axle Stands
0 Body Repair Kits
0 Body Aligning Set
0 Wheel Dolly
0 Transmission Jack
0 Motorcycle Lift
0 Lifting Tables
0 Air Hydraulic Jacking Beam
0 Presses
0 High Lift Transmission Jacks
0 Floor Cranes
0 Air Hydraulic Garage Jacks
0 Portable Air Jack
0 Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack
0 Portable Trolly Jack
0 Garage Jacks
0 Standard Bottle Jacks
0 Telescopic Bottle Jacks
0 Special Bottle Jacks
0 Hydraulic Cylinders
0 Hydraulic Pumps
0 Hydraulic Tools


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