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Annovi Reverberi

For decades a world's leading manufacturer of diaphragm pumps for agriculture and piston pumps for industrial washing, Annovi Reverberi today boasts also a major presence in cleaning sector thanks to its high pressure cleaners, for both private and professional use, representing pioneering solutions in the global market.

The company is present in five continents and more than a hundred countries with a network of manufacturing and commercial facilities which allow a direct presence in local markets, in a strategy of total focus on the needs of end customers. The organisation's remarkable vigour is underpinned by permanent innovation, relentless research to identify ever more efficient solutions, and the ability to meet and anticipate customer demands and accept the market challenges.

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Product Name
0 MOD. 116 TSS Blue Clean EM
0 MOD. 260 TTS Blue Clean
0 MOD. 588 TSS Blue Clean EM
0 MOD. 395 TSS Blue Clean
0 MOD. 1440 H (Honda GC160-RMV)
0 MOD. 610 AR Blue Clean EM
0 MOD. 737 TSS AR Blue Clean EM
0 MOD. 1001-K TSS Blue Clean
0 MOD. 1003-K TSS AR Blue Clean
0 MOD. 1018 ET 400V (7.5 HP)
0 HRC 11.15 ET (4 HP)
0 HRK 15.2H ET


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