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About Us

About Us

Focus Engineering Co. was established on June 1st 1996. We serve industrial, agricultural, workshops, construction & electrical fields by supplying them with the right choice of equipment and tools. Since establishment, we have earned the respect of our clients by sheer dedication and honesty. Our experience and expertise has gained us high credibility in the marketplace. It has helped us expand our client-base from individuals to workshops, to big operating companies and factories, as well as multinational organizations based in Sudan. We have been importing our equipment and machines through a steady and smooth circle of manufacturers by sea and air through our clearance partners. Local supplies are delivered directly to our customer warehouses wherever required. AU urgent overseas supplies are forwarded in a short period of time through a co-operating company based in Dubai which is Focus owned. Focus uses the internet to interact with all its customers, receiving their requisitions, inquiries and purchase orders and responds to them accordingly.

Our Vision & Mission:
Thanks to Allah for what has been achieved so far. Our vision and mission is to maintain and sustain our position as a leading company in Sudan that supplies our customers with reliable and genuine equipment and tools. As a value-addition, we offer the necessary technical advice on movements in the industry.

Our Premises:
- A ground floor showroom of 150 sqm., the largest among our competitors.
- A branch of the company is located in an adjacent street.
- Bahri branch – Industrial Street, North of Faisal Bank.
- A big warehouse 6 meters high, equipped with a modern racking system, two floors of storage above the main showroom, and another big warehouse located at Soba area.

Special Orders:

- For special orders, we have a company in Dubai, U.A.E, that can accomodate for all of our customers needs. Customers can order products that are not found in Focus Engineering, but are attainable through our company in Dubai. Whatever our customers needs may be, we make sure everything is within reach.

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